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What I Offer

Ready to create your dream Website & Email experience?

If you are ready to create a website and/or email experience that will create and reinforce your brand identity online you have come to the right place. I can help you create a website that will boost your web presence, scale your business, diversify your offerings and, for fairly new brands, help establish you as a business. 

I created ParisLDN to support businesses with a focus on sustainability to help you develop and grow in your industry. Because the more successful businesses helping the planet are – the more positive impact we can have on climate change right?! Now that’s a mission I’m ready to get working on! 

Whether you’re a business just starting out and need some support to transition online and build your email marketing strategy or are fully established and would like to improve or rebrand your current website/ email marketing – I can help you with just that.

Below you’ll find the different packages I offer – I have designed these to ensure  they fit any stage your business is at and what services you’re looking for. I can’t wait to get going!



With this package I’ll work with you to create a fully personalised, custom WordPress website, that gives your business the platform to stand out online and really boost your brands web presence.

What's included

Ultimately I want you to love your website and for it do a great job for you and your brand so collaboration is key! We’ll work together throughout the entire process to discuss your wants, needs and any additional ideas you may have to ensure that your vision really comes to life and is customised to your specifications. In addition to this, your content, brand guidelines and image assets will be used to pull together the end result. 

I will always go the extra step to ensure that not only will you have a great design, but that the user has a smooth experience and that your website will be fully responsive and look great on all devices (in 2020 mobile internet usage was 53.3% of overall usage, so this is really important!). On top of this, you will have a design that’s intuitive with an easy to follow user journey throughout. (Because there’s nothing worse than a hard to use website!)

Let's get designing



With the Email package, I will pull from my 10 years of Email Marketing experience and work with you to come up with an email plan that will perfectly fit where you are in your email journey now.

What's included

For pre existing email campaigns, we’ll take a look at your current emails, assess what is and isn’t working for you, what you might like to change or what you’ve seen other brands do that you’d also like to try and incorporate all of this great intel into a new strategy. 

But if you’re just starting your email journey, no worries! This package is suited to any stage you’re at with your emails – lucky for you I’m a bit of an email geek so you’re in good hands! 

For new businesses we will work together to look at your branding, content and company values to come up with a vision of what your design may look like. We will then also look at what your aim is for your emails, what types of people you market to and where you want the email to send them to. For example will you be sending product emails, transactional emails or informative newsletters that don’t have an obvious CTA.

I'm ready to talk Email

Web and


With this package you get the best of both worlds. All the goodness you get with Web Design but with the added addition of Email Services too!

What's included

To me, there is nothing worse than a brand with an amazing website, that entices you to sign up to their newsletter but then when you receive their emails they are poorly put together, the content doesn’t fully relate to you and the design isn’t consistent with that on their website.

Sometimes email can be an afterthought, but it is in fact the most direct way of communicating with your customers. You are getting your message/ products/ branding directly into their personal inbox at a time of your choice with a subject line that, if written correctly, will make them open and eventually lead them to your website. 

With this package I’ll work with you to ensure your branding is consistent across both your website and email marketing so that your customers get a smooth user experience from any touch point they have with your business.

Let's talk Web and Email