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Hi I’m ParisLDN! 

A website designer and email consultant with a focus on working with brands and customers that have similar values to me around sustainability. Ultimately my goal is to use my skills to help you save the planet! If you’re looking for a new website, a freshen up of your current one or some help with your email marketing i’ve got you covered.

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What services do I offer?

Web Development

With this package I’ll work with you to create a fully personalised, custom WordPress website, that gives your business the platform to stand out online and really boost your brands web presence.

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Email Consulting

With the Email package, I will pull from my 10 years of Email Marketing experience and work with you to come up with an email plan that will perfectly fit where you are in your email journey now.

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Web and Email

With this package you get the best of both worlds. All the goodness you get with the Web Design package, but with the added addition of Email Services too!

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